The Recessionists: Chapter One


“Gwen,” Josh said, “What did we say about removing ourselves from any toxicity? Like Jared here, he knows his relationship with his dad, knows how fighting with him makes him feel even after he tried to make amends, so he doesn’t see his father. Is it easy? No.”

“Not a bit,” Jared added.

“Right,” said Josh, “But it’s something we have to do. Not just for ourselves—”

“But for who?” Gwen said. “‘For those we owe it to?’ Is that what you were going to say?” She lifted herself to the counter and sat, tapping her heels gently against the cupboard door.

“It’s for everyone’s benefit, Gwen,” Josh said.

“Remove myself from the toxicity, huh? Then what? Where will I live? You got a spare room, Josh? Gloria, willing to share your single-wide with me? Anyone here a banker? Got a mortgage you could, I don’t know, give me?” She jumped down, slamming her feet onto the tiles.

The circle had nothing to say. Gwen grunted at them.

“I didn’t think so,” she said.


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