Widow Maker

“On good days, the trees creaked in the breeze and when he killed the chainsaw to start splitting, the woods shuffled like giant cattails. If the wind picked up, their branches sounded like bucks ramming antlers. Despite their threat of falling and that they were already dead and gone, it was peaceful. It was his.”

Her, Guts and All

“Don’t,” she said. “You don’t get to speak for a dead man, especially my husband. Walter took his tag limit every year. And now my son will have to, too. The State of Michigan allows landowners to take antlerless deer, including doe. Look around you. Where do you think you are? It might not be hundreds of acres of soy or wheat or sugar beets and it may flood during a wet spring but make no mistake, Mr. Bellows, you’re on solid land. That I own.”

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                Enough to Lose

         Normal people lost their homes, bank      people lost their banks. Both lost faith in each other and all that was left behind was       countless properties nobody could buy       and nobody could sell. I was one of the  in-between people. Alice and I got by, lost       some things along the way but still had             enough to feel more or less human.

There, but

not really There

A gasp came from her as if she were drowning in air, a streak of blood crawled from the corner of her eye. She crumpled into a pile on the floorboards and started convulsing. Someone screamed and ran into the bar. Cellphones came out, cameras flashed.

Start All Over Again

I realize that my father banked on my ignorance when he asked me those things because I never did see him use a ratchet himself and we never did rebuild a car and I never did get that treehouse when I was ten. And now I had no idea how much a haircut cost.

Getting Out

But he didn’t drink that first beer. No, it was like he had had enough. Instead, he tipped the beer over his dad’s grave and let the whole thing pour out onto the already drunk earth. Then he reached for a second beer and did the same thing, a twist, a snap, and a long pour.

Bridge Work

A lie is a handy tool you keep in the bottom of your toolkit just in case, like a starhead screwdriver. Not good for most things but sure as shit handy when you need it.

Apre Moi le Deluge

He was more clothes than boy by the time he peeked out of his room and down the hallway. He was scared this time, too.

A Work In Progress

Cuz when I -and maybe you- are thirty,

we’ll still be learning.

And when I’m forty -just like you-

I’ll still be working.

And when I’m fifty,

we’ll all be tired.

And when I’m sixty,

hell, ain’t none of us are

going to be able to retire.

Kids Get It

A dream of kissing

the pavement. Falling

down stairs only hurting she

who pried and cried and tore

at your boot so your clown feet

wouldn’t wake up God.

Health Concern

Oh, you’re smilin’ now

as this others-proclaimed hick

rambles on

about Podunk nowhere


which this 151 over 89 heart

still calls home.

Journalistic Intent
The following interviews are in no way specific or biased representations of the inhabitants of Samson. Rather, they are generalizations from a larger collection of biased representations.


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